Ecco Dyed Woven Yoga Mat

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Ecco Dyed Woven Yoga Mat

These 'Banig' can be used for many purposes. Each once has been hand made from all natural materials. They are woven using Pandanas fibre. This is harvested, stripped, dried and dyed by hand by the women on the Island of Socorro.

The colours come from natural dyes. Many plants have been used to create a variety of colours. The leaves and bark of these plants have been collected by hand and prepared to create dye baths for the fibre. Natural dyeing is a very labour some process and it takes many hours to complete. 

  • Bakawan / Mangrove Bark (Warm Brown)
  • Guava Leaves (Orange)
  • Mangaa / Mango Leaves (Pink / Orange)
  • Talisay Leaves (Black & Green)
  • Mahogany Bark (Red)
  • Luyang Dilaw / Tumeric Root (Yellow)
  • Buko / Coconut Husk (Pink)

Natural dyes have minimal environmental impact, are biodegradable and disposing of them on the island does not cause pollution. Due to their nature there will be some beautiful colour variations in your product and lightening over time. Please store out of direct sunlight and clean

with a cloth and warm water. Only use a small amount of natural soap or detergent when needed.