Our Story

The women from the island of Socorro, Surigao Del Norte in the south of the Philippines have always used weaving in their day to day life for as long as they can remember. Weaving baskets and Banig (sleeping mats) for everyday use out of Pandan. This used to be what the women did along with taking care of the family at home. Over the years Pandan weaving and other natural handmade, sustainable products are being replaced with plastic and synthentic goods. This is very convenient for life on the island however this has seen a rise in polution, loss in the production of handmade products and the younger generations aren't learning the skills from the older generations. Younger people are more interested in the internet and the western world than continuing the 'slow' or 'old' way of life.

Many of the women on Socorro don’t have an opportunity to work or provide for their families. Weaving is a way for them to be able to care for their children, tend to the home and earn some money. When things happen to the men in the village the women can be left with the responsibility of earning for the family or even as widows with children and no way to provide for them. They rely very heavily on their religious group for support. Kabukasan works with the women in the community to provide empowerment, independence, a platform the women to practise their craft and learn. We are helping to raise funds to assist in projects that are important to the women, raising awareness of health and a sustainable practice and to restore the beautiful weaving techniques that have been lost.